About Me

Avid dreamer and believer.

I started my career at the biggest company in Indonesia, then I took the leap to join an unknown startup with a shady future. Back in 2013, startup was even less common in Indonesia, and everyone said I was lunatic. Started with only 4 people (CEO, one admin, one sales, and I), we grew and thrived until we are now known as Gift Card Indonesia, one of the best-funded startup in Indonesia and a part of Endeavour Entrepreneur.

Risk taker.

In 2015 I got a scholarship from the UK government. It’s not an easy decision, but I finally decided to leave my baby and pursued my dream to study abroad. I enjoyed a full year of holiday (trust me – when you had worked in a startup before, taking a Master’s degree would feel like a holiday) and now I’m back to kicking ass at Facebook.

Hopeless romantic, no matter how hard I deny it myself.

My books: Meter per Second (2013), Follow @MerryRiana (2013), Honey Money (2010), and Not Just A Fairy Tale (2005). To be honest, none of them is brilliant, but they are sold for more than 30,000 copies anyway (tee hee). 

Connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me a comment on this website!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yoseo Maya says:

    Hai Mba Debbie, saya Maya (Corporate Communication XL), berniat mengundang mba Debbie untuk jadi salah satu speaker di Seminar Digital kami yang akan dilaksanakan di Universitas Hasanuddin pada 2 Desember 2016. Mohon bantuannya untuk CP yang bisa dihubungi.

    Terima kasih..



  2. Dito says:

    Hallo Mbak Debbie, saya membaca tulisan anda dan itu sangat bagus dan menarik sekali untuk dibaca. Gaya tulisan yang tidak membosankan tapi berbobot, lugas dan humoris. Luar biasa Anda dapat merefleksikan diri Anda pada tulisan pengalaman pencarian beasiswa dan kehidupan di UK. Terimakasih atas tulisannya yang sangat informatif. Semoga ilmu nya bermanfaat.


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