Debbie Widjaja

Product leader, writer, coach.


Hi, I'm Debbie. You might not know how to pronounce my last name and that's okay.I'm currently a product leader in a renewable energy company, leading a team of 35 people to help customers lower their bills and carbon emission.I spend a considerable amount of time musing about life and its purpose. I've decided that I make my life meaningful by working on products that drive positive social and environmental changes. I also get energy from helping people with their career.If that sounds like you, please get in touch.


I abandoned the frivolity of a personal blog in favour of writing on Medium. I write about product, people, and process.(But don't be surprised - if you Google my name, you'll find that I used to write young adult novels in my previous life.)

Hear from me

I'm thinking of crafting a course or writing a Product Playbook. Just in case you're interested, drop your email here and you'll be the first to know.

Get in touch

I can help you get unstuck. I do pro-bono chats twice a week. If you need more than one session, we can discuss the rate. The people I have helped:

  • Early-career Product Managers looking for advice to move up.

  • First time people managers looking to get guidance on people development.

  • Early founders or CEOs wanting to build their Product team or get advice on product-market fit.

  • Aspiring Product Managers needing advice to get their first PM gig.

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