Three things I learn from solo travelling

I started solo travelling when I broke up with my boyfriend, back in 2013. Around the same time, I decided to quit my job at the ‘Most Admirable Company in Indonesia’ – and I bought a one-way ticket to Bali. Since then, I solo travel almost all the time. And I learn…

1. How to take care of myself

Sometimes I get sick while travelling. I can’t even get up to buy medicines or food. But I have no options than lie in bed in fetal position until I get a bit better… then I crawl to grab myself some food or medicine.

Things happen and you can’t depend on anyone else.

2. That I make friends – and I lose them

Staying in hostels enable you to make friends quite easily. You chat in common areas such as living or dining room, and if you find many things in common, you can travel with him/her the next day(s). You talk whole day with them – sometimes you even share things you never tell anyone.

But then they leave. Or you leave first. You exchange contacts, but it’s least likely that you will keep in touch. After the first text (“Hey, I arrived in London already. Enjoy the rest of your trip!”), you just stop being in touch. Life simply gets in the way.

3. How liberating it is to be yourself

The sense of anonymity is liberating. You can wear anything you like without being self-conscious. You can stroll aimlessly, take unexpected turns, explore that tiny road, eat when you feel like it, go inside those cute shops, lie down on the grass watching squirrel and pigeons, buy that third cone of ice cream… The list is endless, when you stop trying to please other people.

Wait, am I writing about solo travelling or about… living your life?


Published by

Debbie Widjaja

Traveling writer. Chevening scholar 2015/2016. Startup survivor. Now Facebooker.

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