3 Signs You Need to Get Him Fired

One of the hardest thing as a leader is when you have to fire your subordinates.

It gets even harder when you consider the humanity factor, e.g. he is the breadwinner of his family, he has three kids, etc. But if your subordinate meets these criteria, you need to determine yourself to fire him:

1. He becomes your energy vampire

Every time you ask him to do tasks, he always messing up so you have to check a thousand times, or even redo it. This thing happens even after he’s in the job for 2-3 months, which means he’s supposed to master it already.

2. He becomes cancer in your company

He incites his coworkers, speaks ill about the company or the boss in front of many people, until other team members start to feel demotivated too. An average person has 3-4 close friends in the office. Even when he only agitates his inner circles, those people are significant percentage of your startup company.

3. He cannot be trusted

Every company has assets, tangible or intangible. You doubt his integrity, and later you find proves that he steals the company’s asset.

This list is made in order—means that number 1 is the most minor and number 3 is the most severe. Your ship will not move as fast as you expect when you are busy patching the leaks caused by this man. As soon as possible, you have to get him off your team. Just make sure you do it in the right way.

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