First Thing First: HR Essentials

How important HRD is? At what scale a startup need a one dedicated HR person?

One thing you need to understand: HR is not a division or a role. Every director, every founder, every manager, is a HR manager. You do not manage machines or technologies. You manage human.

That means you have to understand the ins and outs of managing human. But when you paraphrase this art into human resources management or HRM, it sounds like a not-mandatory specialist function.

So what are the elements of HR that you, as the founder, director, and manager, have to master?

1. Hiring

Like how you make your product/service appealing for your clients, you have to make your startup company appealing to your future employees. A class people are not desperate jobless man that will accept any job offer right away—they are chased, looked for, and persuaded by many companies. You need to catch their attention, and later, dedication.

2. Managing Performance

There are so many candidates who have been lured in enchanting ways in the recruitment phase, but been let down by the time they really join the company. To ensure s/he delivers wow performance like you expect, you need to be sure that these two things have been communicated clearly:

  • The SMART goal(s) they have to achieve
  • The support system you provide (budget, team member, mentor, etc)
3. Rewarding

We assume that you are already familiar with Maslow triangle of needs. Make sure that you give them the exact reward they need. Bonus, extra leave, appreciation, autonomy—combine all of them to give the right rewards.

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